[Free Training] The Science Behind Why People REALLY Buy


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The Science Behind Why People REALLY Buy

Learn the ONE THING the best salespeople know so you can double your closing percentage (without high pressure sales tactics!)

With 9 Figure Sales Leader, Jessica Magoch

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"Brilliant... High Impact and Rare" 

- Leslie M. , CEO of UPenn's EdTech Accelerator and former Practice Director of the Wharton Entrepreneurial Program 

"Not your average poor-quality webinar..  

This training helped me get to the heart of why people buy and implement it with arrow sharp precision instantly into my business. "  

Laura McGregor, CEO of CommissionCrowd, the Home of the Independent Sales Agent.

"Brilliant content, Thank you Jessica!" 

- Spencer A. 

Here's what you'll learn in this free training:

Step 1: Benchmark Test

  • We'll take a quick benchmark test to see how good you are at selling your customers what they really want to buy so you don't make the mistake of selling people something they don't want to buy! It will also reveal why it is so important to understand exactly what YOUR customer is buying before you ever start to pitch themanything. 

Step 2: The Science Behind Why People REALLY Buy

  • The Science behind why people REALLY buy YOUR product from YOU (I'm getting extra nerdy on this one) - The one thing the best salespeople know that you can steal to make more sales instantly. We'll combine physics, sales psychology and emotional intelligence to uncover the REAL reason people buy. Learning this ONE thing brought me from $0 to over $100 M in sales. 

Step 3: Step-by-Step Implementation Workshop

  • The Step-by-Step implementation so you can apply this concept to your business to start closing more sales right now. I'll show you exactly how to apply this concept to your product or service so you walk away with an actual plan to implement this concept into your marketing and sales messaging. Really harnassing this one strategy can increase your sales 1,000%.. that's 10x. It happened for me and it can happen for you!

Your instructor is Jessica Magoch: 9 Figure Business Builder, Impact Investor, Sales Strategist, Closing Coach, Sales Therapist, & Creator of The Sales Launch Code: A Step-by-Step Accelerator from Startup to Conversion Machine. 

She's invited to teach regularly at the Wharton School of Business & UPENN startup accelerator programs, was named Top Sales Expert 2016 by FitSmallBiz and Top 50 Women of 2019 by Top 100 Magazine. 

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Legal Disclaimer: Results are not typical. Though this concept has 10x'd my sales and those of my reps, most people won't apply it, won't change anything, and therefore won't see any change in performance, but you're not one of them! Can't wait to meet you there.